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Introducing... "Namako"

Now you can see the first pictures ever of "Namako" taken in October 1999.  Here they are...

In this first photo, "Namako" is laying on his/her back, facing up.  Namako is the white thing in the middle that looks like 2 blobs stuck together.  The large blob on the left is his/her head.  The longer blob is his/her body.  There is a small white dot above the body as well-- that is his/her hand.  Don't you hate looking at sonograms?  I can never figure out what they are... 

Namako laying on his/her back

This second photo has "Namako" facing the camera, still laying on his/her side, but looking much more like a chicken.  The large round blob on the left is Namako's head and the grey area to the right is Namako's body.  The 2 dots to the right of that are the knees and the white things to the top and bottom of that grey area are the arms.  Can you see the shape of the thumb & fingers on the left hand? Probably not...

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