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Lenore A. De Asis
 A resourceful team player with a diverse background, extensive international and multicultural experience, and 4 years of teaching ESL in Spain and Japan.
1991-1996 University of California,Irvine Bachelor of Arts, Spanish Literature and Culture
Additional Coursework: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Fine Arts.
Honors: Campuswide Honors Program, Deanís Honor List, Excellence in Biological Sciences Research, Alumni Scholarship, Education Abroad Opportunity Grant, Pacific Rim Scholarship, Sigma Delta Pi (Romance Languages Honor Society), Leadership and Conflict Resolutions Certificate, Undergraduate Research Symposium Participant, Education Abroad Program Participant. 
Major GPA: 3.9
1997 National Japanese Language Proficiency Test: Third Level
1997 Kyoto Center for Japanese Linguistic Studies (Japan)- Kyoto Japanese Language School:  Japanese
1993-1994  Universitat de Barcelona (Spain): Spanish and Catalan Literature and Language
1993 Universidad de San Nicolas Hidalgo, Morelia (Mexico): Mexican Literature and Culture
1984-1991 San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts (USA):Emphasis in Dance and Theater, Honor Roll for 6 years, National Honor Society, Recipient of Bank of America Mathematics Award, Academic Decathlon Participant, Academic League Participant.
ESL, Spanish, Catalan, Japanese, Literature, Computers, Dance, Drama, Biology, Chemistry
  •  Native speaker of English.
  •  Fluent in Spanish (Castillian) and Catalan.
  •  Strong command of written and spoken Japanese.
    Directing and Performing Theatrical Productions
    Web Design and Instructional Computing
    Photographic Development and Printing
    Choreography and Dance Instruction
    Newsletter Design and Layout
    Research Techniques
    HTML, JavaScript, Basic, Windows, DOS, UNIX, VAX, Macintosh, Microsoft Office, Adobe Print and Photo Shop, Desktop Publishing, Acrobat Reader, Japanese word processing.
     1993-1994 Kingsbrook Idiomas- Barcelona, Spain English Instructor
      • Taught English as a second language to children of ages 5-7, 7-9, and 11-13 years old.
      • Taught beginning through advanced composition and conversation classes to adults of many nationalities and of varied educational backgrounds.
    1996-present  Japanese Ministry of Education: Japan Exchange and Teaching Program
    Asst. Lang. Teacher
      • Team Taught English with over 40 Japanese teachers of English at 5 public senior high schools.
      • Wrote personalized evaluations for over 400 students each term.
      • Designed all materials for teaching Cross-Cultural Communication through Drama, Creative Writing, Journal Writing and Independent Research Projects on English Speaking Countries of the World.
      • Improved the mean of English Achievement Test Scores by 15 %. 
      • Supervised and Trained student teachers.
      • Advised the Prefectural Board of Education on issues involving Public High School Entrance policies.
      • Coordinated orientations for newly arrived expatriates to Japan and for students preparing to go abroad.
      • Spoke at educational seminars for the development of cross-cultural curricula.
      • Initiated several projects independently including an "International Communication Room," "International Opportunities Library," pen pal exchanges with over 75 countries utilizing computers and the internet, Developing English Club web pages, and coordinating guest speakers from multiple countries.

    1991-1993  Bronner-Fraser Lab, UC Irvine Researcher/ Lab Technician
      • Researched utilizing histological and immuno-chemistry techniques, microsurgery, tissue cultures.
      • Published results in 2 developmental neurobiology journals.
      • Presented analysis of data and results with a thesis defense in two research symposiums.

    1994-1996 Center for International Education, UC Irvine International Peer Advisor
      • Counseled students and parents on the academic and personal issues involved in international travel.
      • Developed and conducted pre-departure orientations, country information sessions and several workshops and seminars for international opportunities in study, work, internships, volunteer, research and teaching. 
      • Interviewed and selected candidates for the University of California's Education Abroad Program.
      • Guest lecturer at UOEAP's (Universitywide Office of the Education Abroad Program) Developing Countries Orientation of Southern California.

    1995-1996  Campuswide Honors Program, UC Irvine
    Peer Academic Advisor
      • Initiated and conducted educational programs and workshops.
      • Planned and coordinated information panels to educate students on the services offered by the university.
      • Oversaw Campuswide Honors projects and staff of the newsletter, committees, activities and 5 Residence Houses.
      • Recommended students for programs, scholarships, and work opportunities.
      • Interviewed, selected and trained the pursuant advising staff.
      • Mediated between professors and students on academic issues.
      • Organized informal gatherings between faculty and students.
      • Trained in conflict resolution and interaction with diverse groups of people.

    1998-present  Aomori Association of Japan Exchange and Teaching
    Newsletter Editor
      • Formulated themes and relevant issues for 80 expatriates living in Aomori Prefecture for monthly magazine of 80-100 pages by eliciting articles from subscribers and compiling materials from outside resources.
      • Reorganized the production, printing and distribution systems to increase efficiency.
      • Cut costs from 440,000 yen (approximately US$4000.00) to 80,000 yen (approximately US$700.00).
      • Increased subscriptions to highest in newsletter history (from 50% to 95%).

      • Taught weekly conversational ESL classes to groups including the Aomori Police Force, Prefectural Government Employees and Guides of the Aomori Prefectural Museum.
      • Judged speech contests.
      • Instructed junior high students during school vacations in conversation classes sponsored by UNESCO.
      • Directed and acted in outdoor production of "Comedy of Errors."
      • Performed in compilation of Shakespeare's works in traditional Japanese style:  "Kabuki Shakespeare."
      • Taught Latin Dance to several groups of students at University of  California, Irvine.
      • Acted in a production of "Good Grief It's Lucy" for the Missing Children's Fund. 
      • Gave a course on the Appreciation of California Wines and a Spanish cooking class to citizens of Aomori City.
      • Met with special education students and visited a local nursery school. 
      • Subject of a local news story on foreigners who become involved in the traditional Japanese Arts.
      • Subject of a television program on contributions of JET Participants to the community.

      • .
    • International Experience: Western and Eastern Europe, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Mexico, and across the continental United States of America.
    • Member of Flying Samaritans (volunteer health organization in Mexico), Pan-American Latino Society, International Students Club, Ski and Snowboarding Club, "Paleros" (Latin Dance Troup).
    • Japanese Tohgei (Traditional pottery), "Te-Odori" (Traditional Japanese Dance) and Aikido (Martial Art).
    •  Involvement with local dance companies and community theater.
      • The Migration of Avian Neural Crest Cells as it depends on Extracellular Matrix Components in vivo. (1993)
      • Something: A collection of creative writings in Spanish, Catalan and English. (1996)
      • "Methods and Issues in Teaching Oral Communication Classes". (1999)
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