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  Latest Changes:

1/2/2000:  We've added an index of the photos and a few new photos.  We also *FINALLY* cropped the photos that we've had on the page forever.  It should dramatically decrease load time and visual appeal.  Check it out!

1/1/2000:  A new look for the year 2000- new graphic for the top menu in 4 languages and a new graphic for the English menu... the letters had somehow "eroded" because of all the format changes, so I made a new graphic in Paint Shop Pro.  That's all, really... Oh yeah, and I put up an updated version of Lenore's Resume.

12/8/99: Just cleaning up the mess I dumped in August...  There may still be some links I missed- let me know if you find any.  Updated almost all sites, pages & links.  Feel free to tour around and see what's new/different! Another mirror site:

8/17/99:  We dumped all the old files onto 2 new servers: Tripod and Geocities. Geocities is our Mirror Site, but because it's so slow, we like Tripod better, here is the mirror http, if you want it: As you can see, the name is a bit harder to remember, too.

We also made a multi-lingual cover page, although the multi-lingual sites haven't been constructed yet and a pretty gif/image map with a Lenore & Ezekiel logo. We changed the English Index page to also include an image map and to take the whole page out of frames. We still have to sift through all of the pages that still point back to the old site-- so things are a bit rocky still, but we'll work on it as we get the chance. That's it for now!

5/13/99:  Took the scrolling bar on ZnL's Mother Page.  If you're in frames, look on the left side of your browser window.  There used to be a scroll-down bar there.  Now there's only one on the right.  It's the little things, I guess...  I don't have time to do the things that really matter-- like updating all the dead links on the Japan and Aomori pages... even though they're all updated in my bookmarks folder.  I know it's just a cut'n'paste matter, but it takes time, and I'm getting sleepy and it's a school night and.... I think you get the picture (^.^)    I prettied up the HTML a bit on the front page...  but you probably can't tell from where you're sitting.  I fixed some of the links from Lenore's Page...  Namely the one to her Writing Nook, which had you trapped in frames.

5/11/99:  Ezekiel has updated his page!  Check it out!

5/8/99:  Added a tracking service called 

with it, visitors can receive an email whenever our page changes.  I reversed the text order on our photo pages so that you have something to read while waiting for the massive images to load. Lenore's page has some updates to her resume.  She also gave us a link to her Writing Nook hosted by Geocities.

4/5/99:  Added the new mailing list on our home page.  We hope to use this for monthly (or so) updates to anyone who's interested...  Sign-up if you're interested.  

***PRE-1999 stuff has been killed to reduce load time.***

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