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Assistant Language Teacher / JET Program

From 1996 to 1999, I worked on the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in Aomori, Japan.  Here are some links to pages that I created at that time and to other useful JET and Teaching Pages.

1996 Summary of My Position: I started writing a summary of my position while it was still fresh in my head so that when my successor comes along, they will have a better idea of what to expect. Keep in mind that this is very specific for my position at that time, but if you want an example of what one JET did from August to December in 1996, feel free to read it. There are also details on how I started her Pen Pal system and the problems I ran into while doing so.

1997 Summary of Lenore's Position : A month-by-month description of my job and various work-related epiphanies, as well as a summary of the 1997 Kobe Renewers' Conference.

Q & A with L: Here I've posted the responses I've given to some of the questions people have asked me.

EFL IN JAPAN This file is from the archives of the TESL-L Electronic Discussion Forum for teachers of English as a second or foreign language. It is a discussion about EFL Education in Japan by various learned people with extensive experience in Japan. An interesting piece to read for anyone considering teaching in Japan!

Teaching Links

RHETTO'S CRAZY ENGLISH PAGE How messed up is English in Japan? Go here to find out.

The JET Programme : the official word on the Japan Exchange in Teaching programme we are working on, offered by the Japanese government. Complete with pictures, a detailed description of the job types offered and application procedures

The JETAA Page : the less official word on the program run by the JET Alumni. Go here to find out what you *really* want to know about the programme and how to find out more.

NORE SORE: This is Aomori AJET's Newsletter- a newsletter that we used to edit. 

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